The Publisher, represented by the Executive Director of ASSAAR Publishing, is responsible for setting policies, procedures, and guidelines, as well as for the administration and production of the journals through the Editorial and Publishing Offices.

The Publisher is responsible for all financial and legal aspects of journal publication, including but not limited to copyright policy, liability, budgeting, costs, and revenue. Hence, the Publisher is responsible for decisions and policies affecting access to publications (including subscriptions and sales) and prices for such access.

The Editorial and Publishing Offices must ensure the confidentiality of all papers at all stages of the publishing process. Information must not be given to persons unauthorized by the author before the publication of the paper. (News media reporters may be given information for a short period before publication, under embargo.)

After a paper has been accepted for publication, the Editor or copy editor may make reactional changes as required but must not make changes to the content of a paper without consultation with the author and the Editor. The staff of the Publishing Office must alert the Editor or Executive Editor-in-Chief concerning any substantive changes requested by an author after acceptance of the paper, including changes in authorship or deletion or insertion of substantial amounts of material.

The Publisher accepts no responsibility for statements or opinions expressed by a contributor in any of the ASSAAR Publishing journals (either online or in print).

ASSAAR offers services to support academic journal publishers of all sizes, including publishers with a single journal, university presses, or larger enterprises. By partnering with us, publishers can take advantage of simple, rapid, scalable procedures and intuitive software that will take attention away from procedural details and free up time to focus on journal development.

Are you running a journal at a university, society or other research institution? ASSAAR can manage your open access journal on your behalf. We will assign a dedicated Managing Editor as a single point of contact and, depending on the size of the journal, Assistant Editors as support. Our staff will handle all administrative aspects of the journal, including contact with authors and reviewers, marketing, and invoicing. By regular contact with the appointed Editor-in-Chief, you can set the direction of the journal and maintain oversight of all aspects.

ASSAAR Journals Management System – AJMS is a set of services to allow you to run your journal in an efficient way. It includes two major aspects: a journal management website and supporting production services. We offer a high level of flexibility, so you can select the services you need and integrate your existing workflows, often within hours of publication.

AJMS is the submission system behind ASSAAR Journals. It is a comprehensive, web-based software that integrates:

  • The editorial process
  • Production and publication
  • Invoicing of journal APCs or other costs
  • Journal and Three Tier User management

AJMS also integrates a full production service, taking papers accepted for publication and returning a formatted PDF, along with other file types and details of the production procedures.

Papers can be prepared for publication in as little as one week and we offer a 7 day per week service, ensuring minimal delays between acceptance and final publication.

Put in a few keywords and AJMS search engine will retrieve a list of potential reviewers, along with their contact details and titles of papers they have published. These can be incorporated directly into your submission system to invite.

Editors want to avoid inviting reviewers that have a conflict of interest with authors. AJMS can do an automatic check based on author names and/or email addresses, and return a percentage match. By linking to the original publication, editors can verify the full details for themselves.

Authors can stay up-to-date with latest research from all publishers by using customized searches. They receive daily or weekly notifications of papers that match their criteria as soon as it is added to AJM.