Scientific Research Methods & Writing Certification

(Pre to Post Research: A – Z Research Methodology)

(Concept, Application & Implication)

Guidance and hands on learning towards Scientific Approach, Paradigms, Theoretical Insights, Statistical Testing & Modeling, Essential Tools, Tips, Techniques and Publishing Modalities


The Importance of Clear Scientific Writing

Publication of research results is a quantitative, global measure of a scientist’s achievement. Journals seek to publish papers that effectively communicate important research ideas and results. Thus, getting your work published in top journals requires not only great science, but also an exceptionally well-written document. Gifted scientists and clinicians may not receive the recognition they deserve if the full impact of their work is not well understood by their peers. Although the important skills required for clear, concise, and effective writing are most often learned through trial and error, ASSAAR now offers a series of internationally acclaimed scientific research methods & writing certified courses to help researchers develop effective writing skills.

A Workshop Dedicated to Scientific Writing

Our scientific writing workshops will improve your ability to prepare your research manuscripts for publication in top international journals. Workshop participants learn the critical components of a clearly written manuscript and how to structure each manuscript section. Our workshops help investigators at every career level objectively evaluate their current skill level, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and focus on improving their writing skills to achieve a well-written manuscript.

Who Should Attend

Because our scientific writing workshops target the full spectrum of skills needed to prepare a manuscript for publication, they are ideal for everyone from students just beginning their careers to experienced investigators wanting to refresh their focus and polish their writing skills. Our scientific writing workshop has been presented around the world with fantastic reviews from students, postdoctoral fellows, and longstanding faculty members.

Benefits to Participants

  • Learn or refresh your knowledge of the components of publishable manuscripts
  • Determine your writing strengths and weaknesses
  • Gain the focus needed to improve your writing skills
  • Learn to communicate your scientific ideas most effectively
  • Learn how to develop individual manuscript sections
  • Learn to assemble manuscript sections into a cohesive, clear paper
  • Learn how to effectively respond to journal reviewers and editors
  • Practice your writing skills with immediate feedback

Benefits to Your Organization

The international reputation of your institution increases as your faculty successfully publishes more papers in higher ranking journals. Providing scientific writing support for your faculty and students will help your faculty meet this challenge. Effective scientific writing can also increase grant fundraising efforts in an increasingly competitive environment. Our scientific writing workshop can provide a significant return on your investment.