ASSAAR aims to be the consultancy provider of choice for organizations involved in the delivery, dissemination and commercialization of research. We believe knowledge is a public good which should be shared as widely as possible, and that private enterprise has a crucial role to play in disseminating this knowledge and bringing it to market.

We are a small team with particular expertise and a big network. This allows us to bring together the right people, skills and connections in a timely way to meet our clients’ needs. We take pride in the work we do, and we operate to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our many satisfied clients attest to that.

How we can Help?

Research takes place in a complex ecosystem where change comes slowly and relies on consensus. We won’t try to shortcut this process, or pretend these challenges don’t exist. But we’ll usually have a good idea of what to look at, who to speak to, and what approach is needed to deliver meaningful results.

We are respected by many key stakeholders in academic research and scholarly communications. This allows us to make connections and source information that others cannot. Our work spans organizational and national boundaries and we frequently provide independent expertise at the nexus between government, academia and the private sector.

How we Service?

ASSAAR consultation in three tiers:


Strategy and systems

We support strategy development through our expertise in bibliometrics, and bring considerable expertise in the selection and implementation of current research information systems (CRIS).

Benchmarking & evaluation of research support

We help institutions evaluate the effectiveness of their research support functions, providing independent expert advice informed by our knowledge of practice across the higher education sector.

Training and facilitation

We deliver training and facilitation for institutional managers, researchers and research support staff on topics ranging from strategy development to team-building, and from financial management to partnership development.


Open access to publications & data

We advise funding bodies, universities and academic publishers on open science, and support them in making the transition to new business models and ways of working.

Scholarly communication

We engage researchers, librarians, publishers and research users to help our clients to make sense of key developments in scholarly communication, assess new market opportunities, and take action accordingly.

Realizing the potential of digital technologies

We investigate the impact of new technologies like cloud-computing and text and data mining on the way research is communicated and re-used, and help clients position themselves to reap the benefits arising.


Facilitating knowledge exchange

We help researchers and institutions use their knowledge to deliver benefit to the economy and society, and we advise businesses and not-for-profits how to access and capitalize on academic expertise.

Demonstrating impact

We work to capture and evaluate the impact of research, and the institutions and facilities that support it. Using web technologies, infographics and video content we help our clients communicate this impact in accessible ways.

Supporting commercialization

We work with spin-out and start-up companies, applying our unique combination of financial expertise, affinity with an R&D culture, and understanding of technology commercialization to help them achieve their objectives.


ASSAAR is offering its valuable and professional research facilitation, trainings and consultancy services to researchers, scholars and professionals in academia and industry.

The scholars and graduates improve their capacity and for their research work, writing skills, dissertation, synopsis and thesis writing. We provide you with the guidance and services of editing, Coaching, writing consultants, proof reading, feedback, and partnership you need to graduate on time and move ahead with your life and career.

ASSAAR has been established to provide services in research related activities to promote quality research culture in the universities and corporate sector to integrate themselves globally to seek new opportunities and build their capacity to compete professionally.

  • Searching and retrieving data through print and digital resources
  • Developing literature review
  • Research proposal and design
  • Research ethics and plagiarism
  • Citation management and referencing
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Scale development
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Research publications
  • Management of funded and academic research projects etc.

Participation Requirements for Global Family

ASSAAR invites the researchers to participate individually/institutionally from anywhere around the world. ASSAAR will provide the HD Conferencing facility for individual and institutional participation. ASSAAR conferencing for desktops/laptops and multipurpose conference rooms will need laptop/desktop computer connected with internet. It’s that easy!

We operate across a number of fields and geographical markets, with a good balance between regional, national and international clients. We’re committed to investing in our people, developing long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders across the world, and supporting our local community in Cardiff, UK.