Our journal pre-check service is included at no additional charge with all of our editing and writing levels.It often requires considerable time to find and read the journal’s Instructions to Authors, and to determine whether your manuscript meets all of these requirements. When you use our free journal pre-check service, a native English-speaking, M.D.- or Ph.D.-trained editor with research expertise and publishing experience in your field will find and review the journal instructions, and will let you know whether your manuscript meets the target journal’s requirements. If not, we will provide detailed feedback describing the modifications necessary to comply with the journal formatting instructions (e.g., word limits, required headings, title page information, etc.). You can then make the necessary changes.

All you need to do to take advantage of this free journal pre-check service is to let us know the name of your target journal!

To get started, send us your manuscript (including figures and tables) and the name of your target journal. Reference formatting and figure formatting can be included for an additional cost.

Adding our journal pre-check formatting service to your editing or writing services will not postpone your return date.

Publishing your research is vital to your professional success. You can rely on ASSAAR journal formatting services to simplify your publication efforts.

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